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Digital transformation solutions by Digimark

Nowadays, maritime industry faces big challenges due to digital transformation.
Digimark is a dynamic Greek company, that can help you achieve this digital transformation with reliable solutions.
Digimark is a member of a group of companies in the IT and telecommunications sector since 1987. As a Technological Provider, it offers integrated ITC solutions in the sectors of IT Infrastructure, Cloud Services, Security and System Integration. The growth and organizational shape of the company is based on its ability to produce and distribute innovative and reliable high technology products and services.
Digimark offers its customers complete ICT solutions capable of covering a wide range of their own needs. These solutions come from our collaborations with the most powerful and trustworthy companies in the field, which also reward us for our work and professionalism with our own certifications.
Digimark offers innovative solutions as an ICT provider such as Security, Augmented Reality Technology, Cyber security, Business Software, IP Telephony and Unbreakable Connectivity Technologies.
It is remarkable to say that through Unified Communications refers to a phone system that integrates and enables various communication methods within the business.
By unifying phone calls, video conferencing, email, Live Chat and so on, users can share and access data all from one centralized location, collaborate in real-time and hold audio and video conferences with multiple people. Digimark uses an all in one user-friendly platform, that can take your business communications to the next level, helping to improve collaboration, boost productivity, increase mobility and enhance the customer experience. With all these UC features you can see the status of your colleagues, deliver incoming faxes and voicemail to inbox as email, send instant messages, make and receive phone calls, chat and start a video conference through a simple Web client.
Furthermore, Digimark ‘s augmented reality solution, based on smart glasses, is able to share information between field service operators and support departments. The innovative solution integrates web technology with Smart Glasses to facilitate and improve communication between one or more technicians and an expert at a central location.
It can effectively assist users with difficult tasks, having real time data at hand, keeping a close look at the remote situation.
Needless to say that Digimark has a team of expertise technicians who are available to help you anytime.

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