EyeAssist solution for the Telemedicine and Health industry

Augmented Reality (AR) is playing an increasingly important role in the Health sector.


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Digimark has developed innovative solutions for the Healthcare sector capable of meeting the needs of Public and Private hospitals.

Thanks to the advantages of augmented reality and the freedom of movement of the laptops, the EyeAssist solution facilitates the communication between the medical staff through live audio and video (Live Streaming) as well as the ability to send files and share health reports in a secure way.

EyeAssist is also a useful tool for providing targeted remote assistance services to patients by reducing waiting times, travel and optimizing costs and procedures.
The use of smart glasses (SmartGlasses) in combination with Augmented Reality software also plays an important role in Medicine and health.

Some of the most common uses are:
• First aid
• Medical Electronic Education
• Recording of surgeries
• Μ.Ε.Θ
• Telemedicine (visits, reports, diagnoses, prescriptions)
• Inspection and maintenance of medical equipment

1. Telemedicine

In the field of timely and valid medical diagnosis a specialist / general / agricultural doctor in a remote Aegean island can transfer an accurate picture of the patient who is examined by an experienced and specialized cardiologist, pulmonologist or any specialty he needs. of the country.

The service of remote examination and diagnosis ensures the good of health to those who need it.

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2. EKAB Delivery Means

Through the EyaAssist solution, EKAB’s means of transport staff can work in emergency situations by providing first aid while communicating with the business center, receiving information from specialized Doctors using both hands.

“Blind” is an international definition used in business centers. A business center can communicate with the patient, emergency vehicles, police but can not see what is happening in the field and therefore rely on the information they provide.

Now with the use of EyeAssist the business center can immediately see what is happening.

A trained operator wears smart glasses – which allow him to see the surroundings and at the same time read the information he receives remotely – and will be able to transmit in real time to the business center images of an incident or patient with a specific problem.


3. Distance learning in medicine

Especially in the field of surgery, EyeAssist has proven to be extremely effective in sharing video and audio between the surgical team by providing training to students and postgraduates.

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