Healthcare Industry

Telemedicine, emergency aid, training and much more!

EyeAssist is an innovative solution for the healthcare sector able to meet the needs of public and private hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and biomedical and health training centers.

Thanks to the advantages of Augmented Reality and the freedom of movement of smartglasses,EyeAssist facilitates communication between all medical staff through its audio/video streaming feature and the ability to send files and share health reports through secure data transfers. The doctor no longer has to transcribe data to the computer, saving 15% time that he can use to focus on the patient.

EyeAssist solution is also a crucial tool for providing targeted remote assistance services to patients, reducing waiting times and optimizing costs and processes.

The use of Smart Glasses in combination with Augmented Reality software also plays an important role in medical and health training. In fact, especially in the field of surgical techniques, EyeAssist has proven to be extremely effective in having a direct share between colleagues and in being able to teach students and postgraduates using a privileged point of view.

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Use cases for the Healthcare Sector